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Changsha Xiang Feng intelligent equipment Limited by Share Ltd

Address:Changsha Hunan Economic Development Zone East Road and Li Xiang Road Interchange


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ChangSha XiangFeng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (CSXF) was established in 2007. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in tea processing equipments R&D. Aiming to solving agricultural production issues with ideas of industrialization, CSXF is committed to manufacturing high-end intelligent tea processing equipments. It has a wide range of product series, including both fully automatic production lines of different tea types and automatic module of single tea processing technique(e.g.tedding or withering module, water-removing module, twisting module, room type continuous fermenting module, shaping module, automatic flat tea roasting module, drying module). Aiming to building the domestic first-class, international leading brand of "XiangFeng”, CSXF has collaborated with national top scientific research institutions (e.g. Tea Research Institute (TRI), Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science (CAAS),Tea Research Institute of Hunan Province, Central South University and other research institutions) to organically integrate tea processing technology, information technology and equipments technology. CSXF is able to provide overall solutions in tea processing equipments and services for tea manufacturers of different scale.