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The chief scientist of our company, Dr. Tang zhe, was awarded the 4th changsha municipal youth scien

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Innovation can add excellent, technology can serve the country. May 27,2017, our company chief scientist, Dr. Tang Zhe,who was standed out from more than 400 candidates,won the ” The fourth session of Changsha City outstanding young scientific and technological personnel”.

The chief scientist, Dr. Tang Zhe, developed the first domestic automatic fried green tea production line by using advanced control technology and computer technology and merging the traditional tea processing technology. According to different scientific raw materials of tea processing technology , Dr. Tang Zhe developed the first domestic tea system contained data acquisition and monitoring and realized the tea processing to be full automatic and intelligent. The technical results are identified as "To fill the gap and reach the international advanced level.". The manufacturing costs than similar foreign products by 50%, energy consumption costs by more than 20%. The advanced tea processing equipments with related technology is widely used. China's tea processing level and the international competitiveness of the tea industry has been greatly improved.


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