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Perfect after-sale service system

Perfect After-sales Services
Processing Techniques Support      Tea Research Institute of Hunan Province
Tea Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science
Central South University     Provincial Engineering Center   
After-sale services:  One Year Warranty Period       Lifetime maintenance    National product promotion     Northwest tea production area   
Southwest tea production area     Southeast tea production area

Processing techniques analysis: CSXF is collaborated with TRI CAA to customize?suitable tea processing techniques for customers and demonstrate with iterative experimentation.

Design and manufacturing: Tea equipments are customized according to the area of customers’ factory, CSXF is able to provide an overall solution of the tea processing and logistics.
Quality control: Strict examination standard ensures high-quality products in tea industry.
Safe delivery: With seamless connection between tea enterprises and users, the tea machine company fully leads the equipment delivery process, which ensures a "turnkey" project.

Regular maintenance: CSXF holds "quality journey" national tour activities from September to November each year to make routine maintenance of equipment and collect customers’ suggestions. It is to get close to our customers, improve products’ quality and create extra value for our customers.